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Pop Circle is a fun and exciting game for all.

It offers a simple task to pop out a bigger circle with the minimum number of smaller dots; where each level number denotes the minimum number of dots for that level.

But it may not be as trivial as it appears!

* 10 levels (3 to 12), each with a different size of dots available to pop-out the bigger circle.
* The level number signifies the minimum of dots to strive for. So for example at Level 3, player should aim to cover the bigger circle with 3 dots.
* Upto 2 bonus dots are available at each level.
* Player can move the latest dot placed by dragging its cross-hair kind-a circle.
* Menu options provide to undo the last dot or remove all the dots placed for the current game.

Hope you have great success in this game. Best of luck!

Also, I will like to thank the numerous questions asked, most of them answered, tutorials shared, and mathematical works explained on the web; that helped me to develop this game.

Pop Circle screen shot
Pop Circle screen shot